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Test any copy and see if it comes off smelling like roses – or shiitake.

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How It Piles Up


This copy smells of potpourri. Breathe easy – this copy is so neat and clean we could eat lunch off of it.

This copy is a tad fragrant. Don't be embarrassed – everyone lets a bomb slip once in a while.

You can probably blame that one on the dog. See how to clean up this copy – and clear the air.

Holy gas mask, Bat Man! To clean up this mess, you'll either need a fire hose or our help.

Is it low tide, or is it this copy? We kid, we kid. But we're serious about writing better copy.

Where the Marketing Hit The Fan

Silence is DeadlySpread
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About the App

Buzzwords can be
a total buzz kill.

So how do you know if you’re giving your readers copy that reeks of cliches? Simply use White Rhino’s Marketing BS Detector to scan any URL or copy block. Check it out for yourself, share it with your friends and be sure to get our guide on how to whip up awesome marketing content.

Know a buzzword every writer should be careful side step? Shoot us an email and we'll add it to the BS Detector.

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